2021 Amazon "Traffic Ceremony" BFCM is coming soon! are


2021 Amazon "Traffic Ceremony" Black Five Network One (BFCM) is coming soon! are you ready?
As we all know, Prime Day is Amazon’s membership day, when Amazon has the largest traffic, but Amazon’s membership day is not Amazon’s universal celebration, because most discounts are for Amazon members. Although the traffic is large, there is still a threshold of traffic after all ; So what is Amazon’s rain and dew, it’s obviously Amazon’s Black Five Network One (BFCM) discount carnival day. In terms of Day, it was even more direct and violent.
Heiwuwangyi is Amazon’s largest shopping festival, and there are traffic blessings around Halloween and Christmas. It can be said that the traffic for Heiwuwangyi is very impressive, and it is also for sellers to harvest the peak season traffic and product sales at the end of the year. good chance.
01 When is the Amazon Black Friday this year?
Black Friday starts on November 23 and ends on November 26 and lasts for 4 days; the Internet One time runs from November 26 to November 29.
But the actual situation is not limited to this. Taking into account the global epidemic this year, the actual promotion time may be longer than we thought.
Starting from October 4th, the "Epic Daily Deal s" 24-hour spike page has been continuously updated. Amazon has been calling itself the Black Friday premium offer. It also marks the beginning of Amazon's Black Friday in disguise, because in a certain sense, The interception of traffic before the Black Friday Net 1 is actually a battle for traffic grabs between major sellers. Taking into account the epidemic situation this year and the market downturn, major sellers need to start preparing for Black Friday earlier than in previous years, preparing for traffic seizure, and shopping cart traffic acquisition. If you take the various promotional activities before Black Friday If you count them all, Black Friday Net One (BFCM) can last a full month this year!
02Why participate in Amazon Black Friday and Net One
1. Increase the opportunity for additional drainage: Amazon will promote Amazon activities such as Prime Membership Day, Black Five Network One, etc. on the official website, TV, magazines and other mass media channels to bring you more additional products and brands that you participate in promotion Traffic and exposure, traffic will explode more than usual.
2. Increase exposure and display: Participate in the promotion of Black Five Net One, there will be an exclusive promotion page, Amazon will give priority to the exposure of the products participating in the promotion, it is easier for customers to find your products, more exposure will help promote the seller's Commodities to promote the promotion of sellers’ commodity sales and rankings.
3. Improve product sales: Promotional activities such as Black Friday and Net One can not only effectively promote products, rush into (up) the ranking of Best Seller, but also help reduce FBA inventory pressure and release storage capacity.
4. Get exclusive promotional activity logos: Amazon will provide exclusive logos for products participating in the promotion, so that Amazon buyers (members) can quickly find the promotional products they want to buy and increase sales.
03 Conditions for Participating in Amazon Black Friday and Net One
1. The product must be an Amazon logistics product that meets the Amazon Prime domestic delivery conditions;
2. Prime exclusive discounts must meet all regular eligibility criteria;
3. The star rating of the product must be at least 3.5 stars, or there is no star rating;
4. The discounted price must be at least 20% lower than the non-promotional price of non-Prime members;
5. The discount can only be reduced by up to 80% compared to the non-promotional price of non-Prime members;
6. The Prime discount price must be lower than the lowest price of the ASIN in the past 30 days. The lowest price in the past 30 days is the lowest order price of the ASIN during this period, including all offers, promotions and sales prices of all sellers;
7. If Amazon seller ratings are enabled, your seller feedback rating must be at least 4 stars; we checked the average rating over the past 365 days and wanted to know if there were no less than 10 ratings during this period. If there are fewer than 10 ratings in the past 365 days, we will consider the average lifetime rating.
04What should the sellers who reported the promotion activities pay attention to?
1. Warm up promotional products outside the site in advance: Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are great opportunities for us to attract money in a year. In fact, the year-end carnival promotion has already begun every year from November, so it is necessary to warm up the big promotion products outside the station in advance.
2. Adjust the advertising strategy in advance to increase the budget: On the day of Black Friday, many sellers will increase their advertising bids and budgets, and the cost of advertising traffic will increase significantly. In fact, we can start to increase the advertising bid and budget two weeks before the Black Five Network 1 event. During this period, the traffic cost is relatively low. The conversion may be poor, but during this period many sellers will click to add purchases.
3. Do not arbitrarily change the promotional price and other information: Modifying the price of the ASIN participating in the promotion after completing the report may affect the upper limit of the promotion price. If the price is modified within 24 hours from the start of the promotion plan, the promotion will be automatically cancelled.
4. Ensure that the promotion meets the qualification requirements: Before the promotion start date, you need to constantly go to the management promotion page to check the upcoming promotions, and deal with problems in time to ensure that the promotion always meets the qualification requirements. If you miss the previous Deal event report, then Prime special discounts and coupons can also be used as another way to attract sales.
At the end of the article, the Black Friday from November 23 to 29, and the Christmas and New Year from December 22 to December 31, it can be said that Amazon’s sales performance in the second half of the year is good or bad. It depends on the short 60 days. During Amazon's year-end peak season, you need to stock up in advance, make inventory, prices, reviews, promotions, advertisements and other layouts to ensure that you can harvest enough sales during the peak traffic season!