Strategic Framework

YINTA is devoted to creating value for our customers. This serves as the long-term strategic framework that will shape our future.

By concentrating on demand-driven innovations, this framework helps establish YINTA’s supremacy in 2021. It allows us to quickly and efficiently provide customers with differentiated products and services of high quality and low costs. We will strengthen our leading position in the cross-border e-commerce industry, and enable employees to gain professional and personal growth.

This framework deeply delves into cross-border new retail and focuses on medium and large products that integrate China’s complete supply chain network. We seek to serve end customers globally by virtue of innovatively-designed products, self-developed brands & systems, and self-built warehouses that fully link worldwide nodes.

Sustainable Growth

Optimize Main Product Portfolio

Competitive Advantages


Independent Design

Product Refinement

Advanced Operation Mode

Refined Operation

Owner's Mindset

Optimize Main Product Portfolio

Product Attribute Optimization: YINTA has tremendous expertise in developing and handling bulky products. Through optimization, products that do not match the company’s business development direction will be gradually eliminated, while the company concentrates more deeply on relevant categories.

Deeply Delve into Product Category: We prohibit blind distribution. Auto parts and furniture products are jointly promoted to find product-market fit. Early on, YINTA entered the auto parts market then expanded to furniture products after the former matured. At present, the company concentrates on the in-depth development of auto parts and furniture product lines. The auto parts line will be gradually optimized to the main one; while key categories within the furniture line will be selected for deep development and put out into the market at an early stage. In later stages, we will integrate and focus resources for breakthroughs. By applying the in-depth development strategy, we fully use our resources to better familiarize customers with our products and markets. All these are conducive to market breakthroughs.

Product Structure Optimization: Beginning in 2020, YINTA is increasingly investing in product R&D resources, and continuously conducting in-depth research and development on all product categories through innovative designs based on structure, function, quality, appearance, etc. We integrate customer feedback to produce more cost-effective products.

Informationization: YINTA has always set informationization as a major goal. We boast a professional technical team that has successfully developed an ERP system by integrating channel information including market, company, supply chain, etc. With this system, information can be effectively & timely collected and circulated. Abnormal problems can be analyzed, reflected upon, and solved quickly. All core businesses operate online to improve efficiency and accuracy.

Independent Design: In order to improve the product’s cost performance and user experience, YINTA has established a professional product R&D team to conduct in-depth research and product analysis from multiple angles such as structure, quality, function, and appearance. YINTA collects and solves customer pain points and has developed a variety of unique products that have been well received by the market.

Product Refinement: The company positions itself into medium and large product lines with restricted categories. All products are selected and each of them has been deeply researched from the point of view of product description, design, production, quality inspection, packaging, logistics to installation, use, and customer support after delivery. We have researched and refined every detail in each link to greatly improve user experience from aspects of product quality, visual quality, installation, and user experience. Product advantages are quickly reflected in the market as evidenced by rapidly growing positive feedback.

Refined Operation: In addition to product refinement, YINTA has also upgraded its performance modes from the original individually spearheaded projects to team-based, refined operations. Under the new model, an operation team is responsible for all the details involved in one project. This mode divides the traditional operation work into three major parts: Product Operation, Content Operation, and Promotional Operation. Precise division of labor ensures better research, allowing for effective and rapid breakthroughs. The company has successfully run multiple projects using this optimized operating model.

The company strictly emphasizes a corporate culture of “responsibility”, allowing each employee to be equipped with owner's mindset and the courage to bear responsibility and drive changes. Through such a corporate culture, YINTA has built a powerful and cohesive team. Owner's mindset makes everyone take an eagle eye approach to new problems, strive for the same goal of company development, and work to solve problems with formidable team cohesion. During the team cooperation process, each member's individual abilities will be greatly improved. Additionally, everyone takes a group-first approach to overcome obstacles whenever and whatever encountered.