Global business scope

As one of the earliest Chinese cross-border e-commerce exporters, Yinta Technology actively distributes its business overseas, covering a wide range of European and American countries. Today, Yinta has established 7 private warehouses in the United States (Los Angeles, Seattle, New Jersey, Atlanta and Dallas), totaling a storage area of more than 1800,000 square feet. Yinta also works with third party warehouses in the UK, Germany and other European countries. The company demonstrates a fully developed global marketing, warehousing, logistics network and customer service system.  Business ranges from e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Wayfair, Walmart to self-developed websites.  By setting up overseas subsidiaries, establishing overseas warehouses, expanding a professional localized B2C operation team and developing multi-channel sales mode, Yinta successfully brings premium products made in China to global consumers. Using a strong and efficient supply chain service system, we constantly enhance our customer experience.

Global core business center

Operation Management

As the driving force for company, our operation center always executes tasks with an owner’s mindset, obtaining the latest market trends in a timely manner based on front-end market and customer feedback. It also adjusts relevant operation strategies according to the company’s current situation. By updating information and requesting support from other departments to make progress, the operation center constantly strengthens company competitiveness in all aspects.

Product Management

As a company cornerstone, the product center is committed to the value of “user experience comes first”. It carries out expert market research and product analysis regarding materials, quality, structure, packaging, user manual and product portability. After performing adequate due diligence and fully understanding customer pain points, we improve our products to make sure customers receive convenience and affordability. At the same time, we help our suppliers to upgrade their process to transform the traditional supply chain into a consumer-oriented one.

Our team

Our founder obtained a Ph.D. from England and has built teams for overseas logistics, intellectual property right, design & development, and IT. Teams are comprised of high level talent from various fields. Today, we have around 800 employees with an average age of 28 contributing to our vibrant atmosphere of unlimited potential.

Corporate culture

Experience,Values, Responsibility

Our goal

To reform and lead the E-commerce industry

Our mission

Driven by user needs, YINTA consistently develops hot selling products by collecting and integrating customer pain points with popular social platform trends This approach has allowed the company to earn a leading position in the modified auto parts field.

Our vision

Gamified systems, popular products, smooth processes, and easy-to-understand tutorials

Company Video

Headquartered in Shanghai, we have established subsidiaries in China and abroad, including locations such as America, Guangzhou, Wuhan and Hong Kong. We own modern logistic centers scattered throughout the U.S. in Seattle, New Jersey, Atlanta, Dallas and Los Angeles.