About us


Found in 2013, Shanghai Yinta NetWork Technology Co.,Ltd is a technology company that operates 8 separate brands including Yitamotor, Autosaver88、Yitahome and Oedro etc. Our business scope reaches various continents and countries, and we have enjoyed explosive growth since our founding. Headquartered in Shanghai, we have established subsidiaries in China and abroad, including locations such as America, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. We own modern logistic centers scattered throughout the U.S. in Seattle, New Jersey, Atlanta and Los Angeles. As a technology-driven company, we have created a great variety of business channels, launched popular products, and self-developed a ERP system to connect our customers with manufacturers to achieve full chain tracking of production, logistics, and sales.

Our Mission


Our ultimate goal is to reform and lead the E-commerce industry. Yinta has stayed true to our enterprise culture of “experience, value, responsibility” by spearheading changes in the e-commerce industry via innovative product development, upgraded supply chains, an excellent talent pool, and highly efficient technology systems. In coming years, Yinta will focus on creating a new norm for E-commerce plants by building up plant capacities and turning the 2C foreign-trade plant into a digital plant.






Our Team


Our founder obtained a Ph.D. from England and has built teams for overseas logistics, intellectual property right, design & development, and IT. Teams are comprised of high level talent from various fields. Today, we have around 400 employees with an average age of 28 contributing to our vibrant atmosphere of unlimited potential.


    • In 2013 Yinta Tech was created and a team with less than 10 people worked hard to identify product lines, and studied the American online site ebay.
    • 3/25 Yinta Tech centralized procurement, warehousing and sales.
    • 3/25 An overseas warehouse was established providing local customers with a better user shopping experience.
    • In 2014, Yinta Tech reaches sales of $500,000 with a team of less than 20 people. 
    • 4/15 The company received the 2014 ebay "Bronze Sales Award". 
    • 5/13 Joined AliExpress and won the“star seller” award later in the year.
    • In 2015, sales tripled from 2014 with an annual sales revenue of $16,000,000
    • The number of employees increased to 30. 
    • 6/1 Joined Amazon. Monthly sales reached a growth rate of 600%. 
    • 9/9 The company's warehouse was relocated to Washington Logistics Park, and the ERP supply chain software was upgraded to 2.0.
  • In 2016, the company formally joined the Amazon market, with monthly sales reaching $1,800,000. Total sales reached of 200 million RMB which is a 300% increase from 2015. The number of employees increased to 70 and the Guangzhou sales team was formally established. Yinta Tech invested in factories and set up its own R&D factories. 
  • 2/18 Yinta Tech’s office moved to Baolong Plaza office on May 1. The company launched its own B2C e-commerce sales website. 
  • 10/1 The company established a R&D center and sales division in Guangzhou.
    • In 2017, third-party overseas warehouses were added to the existing warehouses; annual sales reached 300 million RMB. The Shenzhen branch was established along with the brand project department. The business grew by 200% and the number of employees increased to 150. 
    • In January 2017, the company launched its own brand website.
    • In August 2017. The company began to cooperate with Amazon Logistics+ and used the Dragon Boat logistics service that was specially designed for Chinese sellers. 
    • In October 2017, Shenzhen branch was established to form a sales team.
    • In November 2017, 90% of the cargo volvume of Amazon's Dragon Boat logistics services has been reached.
    • In December 2017, Yinta Tech represented Amazon sellers in the East China region and participated in the Amazon Logistics Sellers Symposium and exchanged views, experiences and suggestions with the global elite team from Amazon Logistics about using Amazon Logistics+.
    • In 2018, the annual sales volume will reach nearly 500 million yuan, with about 200 employees.
    • In January 2018, the company officially entered into cooperation with Best.
    • In June 2018, the Shanghai distribution warehouse will be established.
    • In December 2018, new German sites were added.
    • In 2009, sales reached 700 million CNY;
      In Jan. 2019, we built a 4,500 square meter warehouse in New Jersey;
      In Sept. 2019, the Product Center was founded;
      In Oct. 2019, the Furniture R&D Center was set up;
      In Oct. 2019, we researched, developed, and launched an ERP system;
    In 2020, the sales target  was  increased to 1,000 million CNY;
    In Feb.2020, we constructed a 15,000 square meter warehouse in Atlanta, USA;
    In Aug. 2020, we built another warehouse with an area of 10,000 square meters in Los Angeles, USA.