Professional cross-border e-commerce auto parts sellers teach you how to organiz


The biggest difference between auto parts products and other categories is their complex product adaptability. The completeness and accuracy of product adaptation information will not only greatly affect sales and stocking costs, but also directly affect customer satisfaction and other issues. Therefore, sellers of auto parts products should pay full attention to the structured preparation of adaptation information.
According to the characteristics of car adaptation, accessories can be divided into two categories, one is "universal parts", that is, products that do not need to be selected according to the car model can be purchased directly by size or specifications, such as: seat covers, car Clothing, maintenance products, etc.; the other category is "non-universal parts", that is, products that are only applicable to specific models, such as: headlight assembly, cooling water tank, control arm, etc. So, how to prepare the adaptation information in a structured way? This article will explain the whole process for you.
First, we need to know that the adaptation information mainly includes those information:
Model (year, manufacturer, model, sub-model, engine, etc.)
OE number (original factory number)
Big brand number (OEM supporting manufacturer number & well-known brand number in the aftermarket)
Second, through those channels to obtain adaptation information:
1. Official release catalog
(1) Examples of brand catalogs: Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet, Toyota, etc.;
(2) Note: When looking for accessories according to the car model, you need to pay attention to the replacement chain and height of the accessories, and you need to accurately locate the specific accessories, because there are big differences in models of different generations of accessories.
2. Professional auto parts manufacturer platform
(1) TecDoc, RockAuto, NAPA, AutoZone;
(2) Note: The scope of adaptation is inconsistent with the same platform, the same accessory, and different manufacturers. At this time, it is necessary to carefully analyze and confirm the product status (for the OE status part, the adaptation information corresponding to the changed part should be avoided).
3. OEM supporting manufacturers release catalog
(1) Bosch, Denso, Federal-Mogul, TRW, Valeo, etc.;
(2) Note: The information released by the OEM supporting manufacturers may be different from the official information. At this time, the information of the OEM supporting manufacturers has more reference value (there will be cross-brand vehicle adaptation situations);
(3) American Automotive News released: "Top 100 global OEM parts suppliers" can help you understand the global mainstream suppliers and the main product lines they provide.
4. Query the matching number and model information given by other sellers on the e-commerce platform through the matching car model or matching number
(1) Refer to the actual adaptation information, and comprehensively judge the completeness and accuracy of the product adaptation information.
3. Examples of query methods
Find the car model based on the OE number. If you know the OE number of the cooling water tank: 15193110, but don't know which car models can be adapted in the United States, you can directly search by the OE number.
1. Official catalog Chevrolet Chevrolet (
2. Rockauto, a professional auto parts manufacturer platform (
Fourth, the specifications for filling in product adaptation information on the page, and whether the product adaptation information is complete and standard, directly affects the product search exposure rate.
1. Key information 1. Compatibility Chart
2. Key information two, adaptation number (Manufacturer Part Number, Interchange Part Number/OEM Part Number, Other Part Number)