How to balance the relationship between beauty and utility of auto parts product

Excellent product design can bring high profit to the product and improve the brand image, user stickiness and brand communication.
"Beautiful" and "practical" correspond to appearance design and structure design respectively in automobile parts product design.In the process of product design, appearance design is earlier than structure design.So, "beautiful" and "practical" are not on the same level, they are not contradictory, but we need to be able to prioritize them in the design process.Before we can balance these two points, we need to understand what we should pay attention to in product design:
One, design is for people.
The ideal design is "invisible" design, so that people do not feel the existence of the design, the user will not feel when using it.In particular, functional products must be functional first, aesthetics second.For example, why are manhole covers designed to be round instead of square, diamond or polygon?One of the functions of a manhole cover is to cover the head of the well and prevent pedestrians from falling.As a user who walks on the manhole cover every day, have you never cared why the shape of the manhole cover is round when you haven't seen this problem?
For the average user, the product is designed to solve problems, not to improve aesthetics.Practicality is greater than aesthetics.But for some auto parts products, the products in the industry can help users to solve the problem perfectly, the beauty will directly affect the vitality of the product, which is also the differentiated design we now advocate, it can inject new vitality into the product.
Second, product positioning and target customers.
If our product is targeted at men who like cross-country, we should lay more emphasis on functional performance, followed by appearance design, and the appearance design style tends to be "hard" and "cold", so that the acceptance of the product will be greatly enhanced.On the contrary, if the target customers of our products are urban women, we can slightly show the appearance to meet the basic functional needs, and the appearance design style tends to be "soft" and "soft".Taking buying a car as an example, most male users prefer to inspect various parameters of a car model in various aspects, and then choose and buy based on the appearance they like, while women choose and buy from the appearance and styling.
Iii. Product features and usage scenarios
Different products will have different characteristics.Different functions have different application scenarios.Scene 4 elements: time, place, characters and events.Analyze your product, where and when users will use it, and what they will do with it.

The product shown above is one of our patented products, which is a car trailer connection device.The function of this product is to connect the trailer with the trailer. Through our data research, similar products on the market have problems such as rust and insufficient strength.To solve these problems, we re-analyzed the users and redesigned the product after exploring the potential demand.
1. Solving the problem of rust.
To solve this problem, we made a change directly in the product material.B: The same products on the market are made of cast iron or stainless steel. We have changed to aluminum alloy.This fundamentally avoids the problem of rust.
2. Insufficient intensity.
After we changed the material, the strength of aluminum is lower than that of cast iron, so we added silicon and magnesium elements in the aluminum to increase the strength of the material, and changed the processing technology of the product. By means of forging and pressing, the density of aluminum-silicon magnesium alloy is increased, and the performance is three times higher than that of cast iron.
3. Appearance design.
In the research, it found that products on the market in all reflect functional, when everyone meet the needs of users, the function of the actually need appear on the market is to let you shine at the moment of the product, according to these findings, we designed a look more consumer goods trailer connection device, the device with a red reflective glass to do an ornament on at the same time can increase the safety warning role.Another "invisible" design method (as shown in the figure below, the shape of right-angle edge protrusion) is used to further enhance the endurance of the product in the process of use.
Good design, beauty is one of the conditions of good design, and good design must be practical.And generally in order to achieve practical, compromise time limit for each aspect of the resources may be hurt by the aesthetic.Therefore, we need different analysis for different products to weigh the practicability or aesthetics of the products, and the ultimate purpose is to meet the potential psychological expectations and needs of users.