It's a big deal that has caused headaches for countless sellers.

With the rapid development of the Internet, the e-commerce industry is maturing, consumers' trust in online shopping is increasing, and online purchase of large and medium-sized products has become a trend, and European and American consumer groups are no exception. Throughout the development of the entire e-commerce, it is not difficult to find from the platform data that the cross-border e-commerce business of large items is a blue ocean market worth investing in.

Due to the particularity of bulky commodities, head shipping from domestic factories to target market countries can only be considered by sea. Nowadays, the cross-border logistics service package that relies on the traditional foreign trade industry has been perfected. Just choose the logistics with the right time and the price. The real difficulty of operating large cargo is warehousing and distribution, which is directly related to the gross profit margin of the commodity. Whether the warehouse uses a third-party warehouse or FBA, what type of overseas warehouse is selected, can it be used for large goods or small goods Is it possible to do the follow-up after-sales, and how to deal with FBA returns?

Here is a case. Guangqi Benle operates a heavy-duty outdoor oven at This type of product is very popular in the United States. Why is it said that the United States is suitable for such products? The American living habits are different from ours. They often engage in parties. When making parties, the sales of ovens are very large, and these products cost about 700-800 US dollars, which can be controlled within 150 US dollars from overseas warehouses. Guangqi Benle has reached a strategic cooperation with Sea Spider, a well-known overseas warehousing service platform in the industry. Relying on Sea Spider, we can have lower distribution fees and efficient distribution services.

With the increase in the number of customers and orders, Sea Spider combines the logistics and sales information of sellers to build a big data analysis model to provide sellers with various intelligent value-added services such as intelligent warehouse selection, intelligent logistics selection, and strategic replenishment. So as to improve the distribution time and reduce the overall logistics cost.

Let ’s take another example. The weight of a single product is 70 pounds. On the map of District 2-8 delivered by American Express, the farther the area, the more expensive the price will be at the end. Large-sized products often choose an overseas warehouse for delivery. The price in the UPS official website is calculated. The price in the four districts is $ 34.51, and the price in the eight districts is $ 67.75. Let's calculate again. If the weight of the product is 120 pounds, the price in the four zones is 69.94 US dollars, and the price in the 8 zones is 98.93 US dollars.

Generally speaking, the express delivery cost accounts for about 30% of the sales price. The sea spider's system uses the intelligent warehouse selection function, locates according to the big data analysis module, locates the most suitable location to set up the warehouse, and narrows the terminal delivery range to within the range of 4. Although warehouse leasing costs increase, the overall logistics costs will be reduced by 10%. Intelligence and data analysis are the main ways for future logistics development, and the sea spider ’s platform system is the product of adapting to the development of the times.

Many domestic sellers believe that large-sized goods and thrown goods are not the threshold of cross-border logistics. The high cost is on the one hand. If you cannot enter the FBA warehouse, you will also miss opportunities for traffic and promotion. In fact, the blue ocean of large-sized products wants to seize It is not so difficult to imagine in the imagination. For example, the model of "overseas warehouse service provider + Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP)" can also allow products to obtain the Prime logo, and then grasp the due traffic.

Guangqi Benle, as a pioneer in the cross-border e-commerce field, gives the following suggestions to factories that want to transform:

A. After the product goes online, complete the flexible transformation of the production end as soon as possible, and flexibly adjust the stocking rhythm according to the sales volume, which can effectively improve the capital flow rate;

B. Listen to the market demand, and stand up to consumers to consider the market demand when selecting products, rather than what we can produce;

C. Products with strong functionality can be selected for trial by some professionals before being put on the shelf, listen to professional suggestions, and then go online after insufficient improvement to avoid some after-sales problems in advance;

D. Change products in a timely manner to meet changes in user needs.