Shanghai issued 11 policies and measures to reduce the impact of the epidemic on

 Xinhua News Agency, Shanghai, March 16th (Reporter Wu Yu) The Shanghai Commercial Commission issued the "Measures and Policies on Supporting the Stable Development of Foreign Trade Enterprises in Response to the New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic" on 16th, including 11 measures. The introduction of these policies and measures in Shanghai aims to give full play to the role of foreign trade enterprises in the prevention and control of the epidemic situation and effectively reduce the impact of the epidemic situation on the production and operation of foreign trade enterprises.

  In terms of optimizing the import and procurement mechanism for key prevention and control materials, Shanghai decided to establish a list of import units and import materials for epidemic prevention and control materials, exempting customs duties on imported materials directly used for epidemic prevention and control by the health and health authorities; Tax exemption, import companies can apply for refund before September 30, 2020. After the epidemic is over, there is still a surplus of imported preventive and controllable medical materials after overall deployment, which shall be integrated into the municipal material reserve system and digested in accordance with the prescribed procedures. For imported civil control and control materials of specified procurement types and quantities, if it is really difficult for the enterprise to continue to dispose after continuing to sell, it shall be researched and incorporated into the city-level reserve commodity system and digested in accordance with the prescribed procedures.

  In terms of supporting enterprises to properly arrange resumption operations, Shanghai supports priority resumption of work in foreign trade service industries such as port affairs and container trucking to ensure the safety of key enterprise supply chains. If an enterprise suffers from production and operation difficulties due to the impact of the epidemic situation, it may adopt methods such as adjusting salary, rotating shifts, shortening working hours, etc., through consultation with employees, to stabilize the job.

  In terms of increasing financing support for foreign trade enterprises, Shanghai encourages financial institutions to increase support for key foreign trade enterprises in epidemic prevention and control, and provide preferential interest rates on the premise of comprehensively assessing corporate capital needs, market supply and demand and other factors to effectively prevent credit risks. Loans to meet the reasonable funding needs of enterprises. For foreign trade enterprises that have been severely affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic and have prospects for development, but are temporarily trapped, financial institutions are encouraged to support them by changing repayment arrangements, extending repayment periods, and renewing loans without principal.

  In terms of optimizing customs clearance supervision services, Shanghai has decided to set up a "green channel" for customs clearance of raw materials, components, machinery, and other products that are urgently needed to be imported and resumed. In the case of delays in delivery, return and exchange of enterprises due to the impact of the epidemic, timely procedures are provided to provide relevant conveniences; amendments to customs declarations that are caused are revoked, and customs declaration errors are not recorded. When an enterprise conducts business such as distribution and reporting, centralized domestic sales, deep-processing carry-over, and bonded display transactions, the time limit for declaration can be postponed for one month on the original basis. During the epidemic prevention and control period, if the processing trade enterprises (including enterprises in the special customs supervision area) delay the resumption of work due to epidemic prevention and cause the processing trade (account) book to exceed the validity period (cancellation cycle), it may be postponed and additional materials submitted afterwards . Processing procedures such as deep processing carry-over, domestic sales taxation, etc. under the processing trade manual (account) book may exceed the prescribed time limit, and the relevant procedures may be postponed.

  In terms of credit insurance, Shanghai proposes to improve the cooperation mechanism between the government, the Credit Insurance and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and CITIC Insurance Shanghai Branch further strengthens its underwriting to ensure that it has the necessary insurance and guarantees for orders with potential and potential enterprises. Carry out prepayment insurance business for imported materials for epidemic prevention and control, relax underwriting conditions, exempt credit service charges from overseas suppliers, and provide overseas supplier directories and bills of lading reports for free. Priority will be given to the insurance claims of the enterprises affected by the epidemic. On the premise that the authenticity of the trade is undoubted, the focus will be on the verification of the trade background and the amount of claims, and the conditions for claim settlement will be appropriately relaxed. Further strengthen the policy resource allocation support of key enterprises, and promote the export credit insurance service before shipment to protect the risk of enterprises cancelling contracts due to the outbreak of the buyer.

  Article 11 of the "Measures on Policies and Measures to Support the Stable Development of Foreign Trade Enterprises in Response to the New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Situation" also covers the fields of overseas participation of enterprises, development of international markets, cross-border financial settlement services, "single window" for international trade, foreign-related legal aid and consulting services, etc.