eBay tool category cross-border e-commerce industry report: gadgets to shake the

The China International Hardware Show (CIHS) and the China International Kitchen & Bathroom Expo (CIKB) are on display at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center (October 10th-12th). The China International Hardware Show is the second largest hardware exhibition in the world and is known as“The barometer of the market, and the wind vane of the industry.” The China International Kitchen & Bathroom Expo happening at the same time as the the professional international kitchen industry fair is rare in China. In light of these two important international fairs, eBay, the global business leader, released two big e-commerce cross-border industry reports in the following categories:
1. Tools category - "Small Tools Shake the Billion Dollar Market"
2. Commercial kitchen equipment and supplies category - "Eat" global business opportunities - seize the international market for commercial catering equipment supplies.
The following is the report of "Small Tools Shake the Billion Dollar Market". 
Small tools shake up the big market
In the last few years, the tools category has been a cross-boarder e-commerce star due to huge market demand and rapid online sales. It is also one of the first categories for China's cross-border e-commerce.
According to customs import and export data, in 2015 the total US global import of tools reached $10 billion (USD). Out of this, China’s total exports to the US exceeded $5 billion (USD). At the same time, the standardized tools, uniform specifications, and concentrated categories make them have innate online sales advantages. According to a 2017 survey conducted by UPS US Industrial Purchasing Trends Insights, the proportion of US industrial product purchasers who chose to purchase online through 2013 to 2017 increased by 55%.
In 2011, China's tool industry has become the world's largest manufacturer and exporter of tool products. With the enhancement of upstream supply capabilities in China's supply of materials, machining, engineering design, etc., China's high-end manufacturing capabilities have been recognized globally, which has created conditions for industrial-grade tool products to gain international recognition. Driven by the development strategy of “Made in China 2025”, China's industrial industry has shown a rapid growth trend in both output value and export, with the market scale reaching 100 billion.
At present, China's tool industry is experiencing a critical period of “big to strong” transformation. More and more Chinese companies are no longer satisfied with the meager profit of OEM, but choose to enter the downstream of the industrial chain and improve their quality, build their brand, and create a trusted global channel with direct access to the client. 
eBay provides Chinese tool manufacturers with a platform to connect with consumers in 220 countries and regions, a large number of promotional forms, and rapid exposure to the global professional user community. On the eBay platform, the tool category mainly includes four sub-categories including: power tools, pneumatic tools, hand tools, and garden tools. Now eBay is actively promoting the online sales of tools which includes: B&I (business and industrial products), P&A (automobile parts and accessories) and H&G (home and garden products). These three categories can be put under the category of goods.
Power Tools: In 2016, the global power tools market reached $28.9 billion (USD) and maintained a compound growth rate of around 5% over the next five years. It is estimated that the market size of global power tools will reach $46.47 billion US dollars in 2025, of which "Made in China" will have a larger market share. 
● Pneumatic tools: The growth of power tools is fast. Pneumatic tools are powered by compressed air and the range of the product lines are very similar to those of power tools, including various types of hammers,  drills, grinding, polishing, and sawing tools.
● Hand tools: There are many types of manual tools and a wide range of applications. Brands provide a rich solution by integrating supplier products. They have the typical industry characteristics of “fragmented OEM supply + integrated brand image”, which is especially suitable for establishing brands to become industry leaders.
● Garden tools: Consumers in developed countries in Europe and America use DIY in their daily lives to dress up their own gardens and terraces. They are regarded as a way of life, conveying the owner's style and taste about beauty, and also the communication channel between urban residents and nature. This makes horticultural products an important item on consumers’ lists in the European and American markets.

--From: Hugo Net