As sales keep growing, Amazon USA recommends the auto-parts category.

Amazon Global officially launched its "Category Accelerator" program in 2018. In order to provide Chinese sellers with first-hand category selection information for dry goods, we will share the category knowledge including market information and product selection analysis to sellers according to Amazon's seven key categories. Continuing on the auto parts article "Auto Parts Sellers Must See! The best-selling Amazon US stores depends on this strategy", this time we bring a more in-depth analysis of auto parts selection. The auto parts category is one of the fastest-growing and large-scale categories in Amazon USA. According to the statistics of the American Automobile Association, More than 55% of the auto parts online transactions come from professional maintenance sites, and online customers are mostly price-oriented, with no obvious brand preference. This is an opportunity for Chinese sellers.  The following four groups of people may become online customers:
 Workshops: Replacement and tool repair and maintenance companies
Do it for me: General consumers who purchase online then have someone install the product.
DIY (Do it yourself): General consumers who purchase online and have certain maintenance knowledge to replace it by themselves.
Standard end customer: General consumers who do not have maintenance knowledge and buy basic accessories.
According to the US auto market trends, consumer habits and past sales records, Amazon China is prepared for the eight categories of high growth:
1. Mats and Cushions 
Recommended selection: trucks / SUVs 
The most commonly used models for U.S. auto parts buyers are trucks and SUVs. According to the analysis of the Wall Street Journal, in 2017, eight out of the top 10 auto sales are trucks or SUVs. Mats and cushions are almost essential for every car, and it is one of the fastest growing categories for Amazon America. Rubber mats for trucks and RVs are the main selling products. Compared to other categories, consumers who purchase floor mats have a higher brand preference and are willing to purchase branded goods at higher prices. At the time of purchase, most buyers pay attention to whether the product itself is resistant to high temperatures, that is, whether it emits toxic substances under long-term sunlight, and whether it is easy to clean and is durable. Note that for non-universal accessories, Amazon offers a full range of compatibility options. Consumers can choose the right product by checking the year and model of the car. The non-generic mats sellers need to provide full compatibility options for consumers' reference. 
2. Appearance Modification Parts 
Recommended products: wind shield sun shade and license plate frames.
Appearance modification parts include car stickers, rear view mirrors, sun visors, etc. It is a category with a lot of product variety. Some of the high volume products in this ategory are license plate frames, sun shades, and snow covers.  The sales of the latter two are seasonal, the sales season of sunshade is June, and November for the snow covers. This category also needs to provide complete compatibility options.
3.Motorcycle and ATV Accessories 
Selection recommendation: Harley-related accessories
The hundred-year brand Harley has a group of loyal brand lovers in the United States. Harley accounts for more than 30% of the motorcycle market in the United States. Harley-Davidson motorcycle accessories are also the largest category of motorcycle accessories. Harley motorcycles are used for long-distance rides and the rider wants windproof and dust proof items, which has increased the sales of helmets and rider's masks. In addition, LED headlights for motorcycles are also high-volume products. 
4. Wagon Accessories 
Recommended selection: wagons, refrigerators, awnings
The United States is the birthplace of road trips. In fact, the U.S. road system is highly developed and the interstate travel with SUVs has become a popular way for Americans to travel. Want to go on a road trip? A variety of items can be bought to make the trip more enjoyable like: plastic food containers, car refrigerators, awnings and other accessories for campers. 
5. Lights 
Recommended Selection : LEDs 
The United States is the world's largest importer of headlights, of which 25% of the headlights are from China. LED lights are the highest selling goods in the Amazon auto parts category. The United States has also the world's largest off-road vehicle market, and the high consumption rate of accessories for off-road vehicles makes the LED headlights of off-road vehicles become a high growth category.
6. Electrical Tools and Motor Accessories
Recommended products: emergency power starter/cable 
This category is mostly related to motor vehicle replacement parts, including vehicle batteries, car speakers, tire pressure detectors, etc. Among them, a relatively high proportion of products sold include emergency power starters for vehicles, cables and vehicle vacuum cleaners. Most of the major cities in the United States are spread out. Many owners will put an emergency power starter in their vehicle in case of battery problems.
7. Towing and Accessories 
Selection recommendations:Towing accessories
Like the car rack, the car towing accessories sales for trucks and SUVs in the US is one of the high-growth categories. Products include car towing, truck/SUV towing, off-road vehicle winches and so on.
8. Engine Diagnostic Equipment 
Optional Recommendations: OBD Vehicle Diagnostics 
According to Markets and Markets analysis which provides quantitative B2B research: as the average life of vehicles increases and the aftermarket expands, the US OBD diagnostic device market will grow to $2.3 billion by 2020. At the same time, professional buyers are the main customers for online sales. 

Immediately after joining Amazon’s global store selections, it’s time to get a step closer to becoming a seller of Amazon’s US station auto parts. 
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