Estimated 41.3% Growth Rate in the Automotive Overseas Markets, the Dunhuang Web

As one of the countries with the highest car ownership, the U.S. automotive aftermarket has over a hundred years of experience and a high IT level. The market has grown at an increasing rate every year. In particular, the online sales model has become more developed, according to the American Automobile Association. More than 55% online transactions of auto parts come from professional maintenance and repair sites. Online customers are mainly price-oriented with no obvious brand preference. The estimated future growth rate of the US auto parts aftermarket is 41.3% while Dunhuang, who focuses on the US market is expected to achieve a growth rate of more than 80% in 2018.
Dunhuang network steam matching opportunity point: aim high growth category, give play to the large number of overseas silos, car lights, car interior, drag and accessories, car electronics, motorcycle accessories, travel car accessories and other products line will be extremely likely to become a high-speed growth category. Dunhuang’s opportunities include aiming at high growth categories, and focusing on those items which include: headlights, interior accessories, trailers, electronics, motorcycle accessories, travel gear and more. using overseas warehouses
 The United States is the core market for automobile and motorcycle accessories. The potential for online development is huge and it is still not saturated. At the same time, Dunhuang will vigorously develop a multilingual market where sellers can focus on the Spanish and Russian markets. It is estimated that both the Russian and Spanish markets have exceeded a 100% growth rate. The auto parts category has a higher demand for logistics, and Dunhuang network platform has a higher repurchase rate for wholesale buyers.
The overseas warehouse model has some obvious advantages. will focus on promoting overseas warehouse projects. Sellers may consider using overseas warehouses and can upgrade timeliness of the goods, reducing disputes and other risks, effectively increase the conversion rate, and repurchase rate. Auto parts products are highly professional and require cross-border e-commerce buyers to have professional insights into product performance, parameters, and descriptions. Existing sellers generally do not fully describe the model's adaptation information, resulting in buyers not being able to quickly find the adapted models. The information page improves this information and can greatly increase the conversion rate. 
Dunhuang network auto distribution industry has a significant growth trend in 2016 and 2017. It has increased it’s customer service in 2018. Now, Dunhuang are recruiting auto distribution sellers and high-quality products. 
The Dunhuang network focuses on recruiting seven major auto parts product lines:
1、Automotive LED driving lights, off-road vehicle lights, xenon bulbs, off-road vehicle parts, pickup trucks parts, off-road vehicle lights, and LED driving lights.
2、Vehicle electronics is the highest proportion of the product lines and is expected to continue to be the main force of the industry. Products include: GPS, DVD, DVR, etc. There is also a large demand for Bluetooth car chargers and other products.
3、 Maintenance, and OBD inspection tools account for a higher share of online consumption. The OBD inspection tools are experiencing continuous rapid growth.
4、Windshield wipers, cell phone holders, sunshade covers and motorcycle shells are the star products in the industry. The market is large and there is still room to grow.
5、Car interiors consumption needs will also grow rapidly. It’s possible to sort the selection by material and color on the website.
6、Spare parts and maintenance accessories are the main product line for online consumption in the U.S. market.  Among them are air filters and high capacity air intake equipment. Through the modification of the car's air intake system it improves the engine's working efficiency, improve performance.
7、Tires and wheel hubs have a huge market opportunity in overseas markets, especially in the United States. Chinese tires are cost-effective.