Amazon is Focusing on the Auto parts Market

With the increasing lifespan of American family cars, more and more people are starting to buy their auto parts directly online. This makes the American after market auto parts industry big, so many sellers have recognized this and try to tap into that market. What is the status of the American auto parts market? How well are the European and Japanese auto parts markets performing? Amazon values the rapid development of this category. According to statistics, the overall market size of auto parts in the United States in 2013 reached US$104 billion and is expected to grow to US$147 billion by 2030. The proportion of online auto parts trading is also expected to increase from 6% to 20%. The reason why the auto parts category is highly valued by the Amazon platform is not only because of its rapid growth, but also because it is a large group in the Amazon Hard line category. It is understood that the American Amazon auto parts category was launched in 2006, and Amazon has become the second largest online auto parts retailer in the United States.
Third-party sellers have grown rapidly and account for the most volume of sales.  However, the current auto parts category has a relatively high percentage of shipments, and there is a very large chance of obtaining the Prime logo through the use of FBA, thereby increasing consumer satisfaction. At the same time, qualified sellers can also obtain the Prime logo through the SFP (Seller Fulfillment Prime) service for oversized goods. Amazon's goal is to establish the world's most abundant selection of auto parts that can be used in every car produced in the world since 1896. According to statistics, Amazon has more than 30 million auto parts and more than 50 million reviews. Not are auto parts is one of the fastest-growing categories on the Amazon’s US site, a large amount of vehicle data is being added to Amazon’s database every month by consumers. For many Chinese sellers, the auto parts category is not very well known . In fact, there is ample opportunities for the selection of auto parts categories, including accessories, replacement parts, tire wheels, motorcycle accessories, performance parts, truck parts, maintenance cleaning supplies, and automotive sub-categories. 
It is worth noting that automotive products and outdoor power equipment are restricted products at Amazon's US site, so the relevant sellers need to:
1、 (Seller self-registration)Register, and once the seller is approved, they can display the product in this category. 
2、(Sellers who are invited) The sellers need to contact the inviting manager directly to apply for permission to sell goods in the auto parts category. 
 General Parts Audit Conditions and Procedures: Contact the China merchant manager to apply for permission to sell in the auto parts category. The merchant manager will reply to audit requirements and collect information. Must clear the amazon auto parts category requirements and precautions (Style Guide). The auto parts category is completed with the help of the manager (2 working days required). Non-general fittings procedures and audit conditions (special parts): Contact the merchant manager and fill out the application to sell auto parts. The merchant manager will reply, review requirements and collect information; Must be a brand or brand distributor (required for filing on the AAIA website, i.e. on Amazon, the two registered brands need to be consistent); Define the Amazon auto parts category requirements and precautions (style guide); With the help of the merchant managers, complete the auto parts category classification audit (need 2 working days); Through third parties, get the product’s fitments and upload it to Amazon's database: Amazon Part Finder. 
Success stories:
1、Udrive: Founded in Guangdong,  Udrive is a Chinese manufacturer and brand specializing in auto parts (foot pedals, front and rear protection poles, etc.). Since entering Amazon America in 2017, the company's cost-effective products have quickly gained popularity and have achieved considerable sales in just a few months. The most important thing is that Udrive has accumulated a certain reputation and loyal consumers through Amazon's global brand strategy, and has taken a solid step toward becoming the emerging Internet brand in the auto parts field. 
2、LaunchDirect: Launched in 1992, they are one of the earliest hi-tech companies in China that are dedicated to automotive diagnostics, testing, maintenance, and tire equipment R&D. There are certain technical advantages and brand awareness in China. In 2013, the company adjusted its development strategy, determined to transform itself into a global car networking company and establish a global brand. Since entering the US site in 2017, new products have been launched. Sales have doubled every week and have continued to rise, gaining widespread recognition from consumers worldwide. Through the opening of the official Amazon store, LaunchDirect further optimized their channel management and consumer service experience. During the sales season of November and December, they successfully applied for the promotional placement, which greatly increased the brand influence and popularity. 
3、GOOLOO: The company was founded in 2015 and is a professional automotive multifunctional emergency power supply solution provider. The company integrates R&D, production, sales, and service of hardware and software products, providing customized solutions for automotive electronics, security protection and emergency power supply solutions. After launching Amazon America in 2015, their products were recognized and loved by American consumers. During Amazon prime day in 2017, nearly 10,000 products were bought within 3 hours. In 2017, it successfully applied for the Black Friday deal. The sale of single product on the day of the event exceeded 1 million USD, which greatly enhanced the brand's influence and popularity. In addition to the US market, the auto parts market in Europe and Japan is also experiencing rapid growth. The markets in which Chinese sellers prefer to enter are Germany and the United Kingdom. In terms of growth rate, Spain, Italy and France are higher. 

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