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Senior Product ManagerBACK
Location: shanghai
Salary: Negotaible
Job responsibilities:
1. Deeply understand the cross-border e-commerce industry, participate in the planning of the company's strategic objectives, and be responsible for the formulation of the company's product strategy and product development objectives;
2. Lead the product team to carry out product planning and product implementation in combination with user experience, company objectives and technical feasibility;
3. Conduct user behavior of the company's products, study and analyze the user experience, and put forward the product optimization scheme;
4. Study the development and trend of cross-border e-commerce industry in the market, launch various applications, tap and grasp the needs of target users, and form specific product functions.
Job requirements:
1. More than 8 years of working experience in e-commerce products, including more than 2 years of cross-border e-commerce product experience and more than 3 years of team management experience;
2. Have keen insight and innovative awareness of the development trend of the Internet, as well as good analysis, research and judgment ability;
3. Excellent leadership ability, strong project management and coordination ability, good at cross departmental organization, communication and coordination of resources, good sense of teamwork and strong pressure bearing ability;
4. Have product innovation thinking, good industry sensitivity and business vision, work actively, willing to challenge, not satisfied with the existing achievements, and constantly break through themselves;
5. Experience in commodity, order, warehousing, CRM and other product design is preferred.