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Amazon operations specialistBACK
Location: shanghai,guangzhou
Salary: Negotaible
Job responsibilities:
1. Be responsible for the operation of Amazon and assist the superior to complete the objectives, including: new product launch research, listing optimization, activity planning and marketing promotion;
2. Check the sales and ranking of products on the platform, compare with peers, and achieve the specified sales objectives;
3. Assist customer service to properly handle customer complaints and disputes, ensure the continuous improvement of the praise rate of the responsible products, ensure the normal and good credit of the products and the quality of product review;
4. Complete other tasks assigned by the superior.
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, CET-4 or above.
2. Practical working attitude, serious and responsible, innovative spirit and good sense of teamwork;
3. Interested in e-commerce platform; Working experience is not limited. Similar experience is preferred.