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Product designerBACK
Job responsibilities:
1. Participate in auto market research.
2. Conduct product design research, analyze intellectual property rights with patent engineers, and propose product design solutions.
3. Collaborate with the factory to discuss design schemes and manufacturing processes, integrate manufacturers' design and development resources, and monitor product quality to ensure that the design is feasible.
4. Assist in participating in company product design style development.
Job requirements:
1. University degree or above, major in industrial design or product design is preferred, and 2 years of product design experience.
2. Have a certain understanding of the processing technology and material characteristics of mechanical products, and be familiar with the bonus points of auto parts products.
3. Proficient in design software, such as Rhino (or PROE, Alias), Keyshot, 3d max, PS, AI, AutoCAD, etc.
4. Candidate should possess good 2D / 3D drawing skills, and be able to write various documents for product design and development.
5. Candidate must have good English reading and writing skills.
6. Candidate should be creative, positive, love life and love design.