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Operation and maintenance engineerBACK
Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for project deployment, optimization, migration, and maintenance.
2. Responsible for deployment optimization of business platform monitoring and data download monitoring system.
3. Cooperate with the development, and do the associated tuning of peripherals used in some projects.
4. Cooperate with development, participate in the overall system architecture planning, and optimize system performance.
Job requirements:
1. Candidate must be familiar with two or more Linux operating systems such as Windows server, Centos, Ubuntu, etc.
2. Candidate must be familiar with Windows server and Linux system, can tune related service performance, locates faults and handles them.
3. Candidate should have more than two years’ experience in system maintenance.
4. Candidate must be familiar with at least one scripting language (Shell, Perl, Python).
5. Candidate should be familiar with continuous integration tools such as Jenkins.
6. Candidate should be experienced in the installation, configuration and management of Nginx, Tomcat, Java environment, Mysql, SqlServer, Redis and other common software.
7. Candidate should be able to perform the deployment management of SqlServer database and optimization of related parameters and data backup.
8. Candidate must understand network principles and network related configurations.
9. Candidate should possess strong learning and communication skills, and a good teamwork spirit.