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Intellectual property supervisorBACK
Location: shanghai
Salary: Negotaible
Job responsibilities:
1. Participate in the company's product research and development, retrieve patent documents and analyze the risk of Product Infringement;
2. Be responsible for consulting the company's patents, trademarks, copyrights, product certification and other intellectual property rights;
3. Be responsible for the writing and sorting of patent related documents;
4. Responsible for the company's patent application.
5. Responsible for team management, performance evaluation, task allocation, etc.
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in law / English / machinery;
2. At least 3 years working experience in patent and other intellectual property rights, familiar with the relevant processes of patent operation;
3. Conscientious, able to work independently and under certain working pressure;
4. Strong communication and coordination skills, excellent analysis and research skills, careful thinking and strong logic.