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Data AnalystBACK
Job responsibilities:
1. Data mining, in-depth analysis and formation analysis of user behavior data to meet products and operations report needs.
2. Improve sales efficiency and customer experience through data mining, targeted analysis of user segmentation, related recommendation, and precise marketing.
3. Responsible for the daily operation of each channel, sales data collection, summary, and analysis.
Communicate with operations when problems are discovered and identified.
4. Monitor and analyze the completion of sales indicators for each channel of operations, provide results analysis and recommendations to operations for optimization and adjustment.
5. Participation in the calculation of bonuses.
6. Perform other tasks assigned by the management.
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, related majors in statistics, finance, mathematics are preferred, candidate with e-commerce experience preferred.
2. Possess experience in data warehouse architecture, such as KETTLE, Hadoop, etc.
3. Be familiar with Word, Excel and other office software, candidate with SQL language experience and BI analysis tools preferred.
4. Priority will be given to candidate with business analysis or consulting experience, strong advantage if candidate has already experience in e-commerce operation.
5. Candidate must have strong logic analysis ability and be extremely confident with numbers.
6. Candidate should have exceptional communication skills, appreciate to work carefully and accurately, have strong execution ability, and be able to work under pressure. He also needs to be attentive, patient and willing to engage in tedious data analysis work.
7. Candidate must have great coordination skills and possess an outstanding teamwork spirit.