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Java Development EngineerBACK
Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for internal demand analysis, and complete the development task on time.
2. Responsible for the company's ERP project, WMS system development, to participate in development research and to provide solutions.
3. Have knowledge and be familiar with the typical business processes of e-commerce company: procurement, sales, warehousing, financial settlement, etc…
4. Have a strong sense of responsibility and able to work under pressure.
5. Complete other tasks assigned by the management.
Required profile:
1. College education and above with degree in computer-related majors.
2. Master the current popular open source framework (spring/springmvc/myBati/iBtatis, etc.) and have some understanding of its core ideas and implementation principles.
3. More than 5 years of development experience, proficient in the java language and object-oriented programming methods, familiar with JS, JSP, CSS, XML, AJAX and other WEB development techniques.
4. Cross-border e-commerce ERP, WMS development experience is preferred.
5. Experience using mainstream databases, SQL writing skilled, have a certain table structure design ability.
6. Ability to write powerful document with outstanding code, file organization habits requiring clear structure, naming specifications, strong logic and low code redundancy rate.
7. Priority will be given to candidates with overseas platform interface development experience.