YINTA is devoted to creating value for our customers. We concentrate on demand-driven innovations, and quickly and efficiently provide customers with differentiated products and services of high quality and low costs. Our strategic framework deeply delves into cross-border new retail and focuses on medium and large products that integrate China’s complete supply chain network. We seek to serve end customers globally by virtue of innovatively-designed products, self-developed brands & systems, and self-built warehouses that fully link worldwide nodes.

——YINTA's Core Strategy

1.Streamline Your Life

Good furniture tells stories. Our furniture is built using exquisite craftsmanship and timeless design. Every detail is meticulously pondered so that our pieces easily complement other furniture and decorations. Our luxurious furniture allows you to showcase your own style in unique ways.

2.Seek For Breakthrough

OEDRO is a US-based auto parts brand offering quality trailer hitches, work lights, floor mats, etc. for cars, trucks, and SUVs of all different makes and models. With our primary sales channels being Amazon, we have grown significantly in the American market, and have magnified our customer service goals in order to ensure that each customer's unique needs are met. At OEDRO, our engineering experts continuously challenge themselves in product innovation and safety testing, and we are constantly bringing in more professionals to expand the product line of OEDRO.

3.Redefine Adventure

YITAMOTOR was built by auto enthusiasts who have a passion for quality design and affordable auto parts. All of our products are manufactured to meet the specific demands of our customers. Despite being a newcomer to the industry, we have quickly established a reputation as a reliable provider where product durability, functionality, and high quality always come first. To achieve our ambition of becoming a leader in the American market, we offer a tremendous lineup of products catering to the diverse stylistic preferences of American consumers. With warehouses located in the USA, all of our products are readily available.

4.All For Your Car

AUTOSAVER88 is a fast-growing aftermarket and OEM auto parts supplier with warehouses located in the USA, and is ran by highly-qualified experts striving to spearhead the global auto parts industry. With our agility and expertise, we have proved ourselves a reliable provider of a comprehensive range of products including LED lights, bumpers, catalytic converters, towing mirrors, and other replacement parts. Dedicated to delivering energy-efficient and user-friendly solutions, we founded a product center where we developed our own ERP software, Auto Parts Connect, so as to continuously optimize our products and processes.