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Marketing DirectorBACK
Job Responsibilities:
1. Be familiar with cross-border e-commerce, eBay, Amazon platform rules, manage the operation team, optimize the e-commerce team organization structure; improve the e-commerce team's system, processes, sales plans, handle daily affairs, draft reports, summaries.
2. Formulate the plan and implementation of the sales plan.
3. Responsible for the promotion of auto parts / furniture brands, formulate the implementation of promotional activities in e-commerce platform operation planning, marketing, and promotion planning; including product planning, event planning execution, and daily specific operations and maintenance.
4. Coordinate, supervise, and manage the marketing tasks of each department (including training, brands, products, channels, content, and publicity), track the implementation process, and ensure the implementation effect.
5. Based on auto parts products, user needs, festivals, hot events, etc., plan and write an event plan, propose goals and expected results.
6. Coordinate online and offline resources and promote market work, focus on market competition strategies, and adjust and improve in a timely manner;
7. According to the company's annual sales plan, decompose and formulate the annual operation strategy plan of e-commerce and implement the annual business indicators.
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, related majors in e-commerce and marketing.
2. At least 8 years of relevant experience in e-commerce operations, and more than 5 years of management experience in operation teams.
3. Strong knowledge of the e-commerce industry, mainly including: pricing rules, advertising, industry trends, marketing rhythm, industry benchmarking businesses, analysis of competitors, e-commerce platform rule trends, characteristics and crowds.
4. Candidate should have excellent learning ability, have curiosity about new things and market dynamics, can learn and understand the characteristics of new things faster, explore in continuous practice, and continuously improve iteration.
5. Candidate must have strong logical thinking, research and data analysis capabilities, and good at optimizing operations through data guidance;
6. Excellent communication and coordination ability, to carry out work promotion and management across departments and multiple threads.