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Plan managerBACK
Job Responsibilities:
1. Plan the construction and management of the professional talent echelon of the team, plan the team's business and optimize the tasks division.
2. Planning design and planning management in accordance with the company's business development needs and directions.
3. Cross-departments collaboration, such as procurement, logistics, warehousing, and demand planning management to ensure reasonable inventory turnover and storage age.
4. Formulate and optimize the delivery logic, stocking model, output weekly delivery plan, and assist in reasonable control of procurement and transportation costs.
5. Develop and implement S&OP mechanisms to achieve the goals of balanced sales and optimized inventory.
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years of relevant work experience in planning, experience in e-commerce industry is preferred.
2. Familiar with demand planning, inventory analysis and control, and logistics operations.
3.More than 3 years of team management experience, excellent analytical skills, cross-department communication, coordination, negotiation, landing and leadership skills.
4. Experience in large-scale retail planning and inventory planning and inventory preparation.